Literacy NOW

Literacy NOW provides services to:

      Adult students who want to find literacy instruction in their communities.
      Volunteers who want to become involved in local literacy programs.
      Instructors and tutors who want to teach more effectively.
      Managers who want to build stronger volunteer literacy programs.
      Employers, librarians, social workers, and others who want information on our state’s literacy need, a directory for referrals, and tools for improving intercultural communication in the workplace.

Literacy NOW offers:

      A statewide telephone hotline and website directory of adult literacy programs. The Literacy Network Of Washington Adult Literacy Hotline and Directory includes reading, writing, math, and English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring and classes, options for completing high school or earning a GED, and workplace and family literacy programs.
      Adult literacy and ESL tutor training.
      Conferences, workshops, and materials on teaching adult literacy and ESL effectively and on improving intercultural communication.
      Technical assistance to managers who want to develop or enhance a volunteer literacy program.
      Advocacy tools and training to promote the need for adult literacy instruction in Washington State and the impact of providing that instruction on our workforce, families, and communities.

Lee Jewett - Literacy NOW Coordinator
Contact Lee to:
      Schedule workshops: literacy, ESL, intercultural communication
      Arrange initial program consultation to qualify for training
      eceive phone or on-site volunteer program management consultation
      Request general information about literacy, ESL, volunteer program management, and resources

Literacy NOW
Tacoma Community House
1314 South "L" Street Box 5107
Tacoma, WA 98405
Phone: (253) 383-3951 or (206) 682-9112
FAX: (253) 597-6687

Attention Prospective Volunteers:
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