Tips For Reading Tutors

Tips For Reading Tutors

Tips for Tutors
       Literacy consultant Cathy Puett Miller helps you get started.

       More suggestions for effective tutoring

       A Toolbox of Terms for Volunteer Tutoring
       Cathy Puett Miller explains the terms used in reading instruction.
Classroom Letter and Language Activities from Dr. Jean Feldman
         Add an Ending 
       Alphabet Chant

Cut-Apart Chart 
High-Frequency Word Activities 
Language Experience Chart
Letter Chart 
Locomotion Letters 
       "Mystery Person" -- A Language Experience Approach Extension
       Participation Stories
       Singing the ABCs -- Creative Variations
Toss A Sound -- Teaching Letter Sounds with Fun and Exercise 
Walk-About Story
 -- Incorporating Movement with Reading

In Their Own Words: The Language Experience Approach
       An Approach to Reaching Reluctant or Struggling Readers

Talking About Books With Your Students
       Why is it important to talk about the books you read together?

Telling Students to "Sound It Out"

The Great Phonics Debate
       The Road to Literacy:  
         Teacher/Musician Greg Whitfield on the importance of teaching letter sounds.
Readers' Theater  

Word Families
Working and Playing with Words 
Using Music to Promote Reading Skills
       From our partner site, Songs for Teaching
       Picture-Song Storybooks 
by Regina Newlin
       Teaching Children to Listen for Initial Letter Sounds 
 by Jim Gill
       by Laura Woodall and Brenda Ziembroski

Literacy Begins at Home

Suggested Reading
       Books on a Budget 
       How you can acquire books at minimal cost.
       These books will get your beginning students off to a positive start.
       See why Ruth recommends using "Readers" for all ages.
       See our recommendations and links to useful book lists.
       Books and websites that will benefit any literacy program.